Friday, December 2

NYC-part II

After dinner, they walked us to our VIP section!  What a great view of the stage!! 
And..the tree!
One of my sister's friends made this and I love it!  The whole community rallied behind this experience and it was so fun for everyone!
A quick picture before the show began!
Angie & Graig with the mayor of their town! 
My sweet niece (Ava) and her friends!
Oh was it cold and rainy!  But that didn't stop the fun!  Little Miss was SO excited to be a part of this event!

Before the show started we went right up to the tree and got another quick picture!

I love this picture of Ainsley--it really sums up her life...trying to soak in every minute of fun!

Almost ready!

Angie's sister-in-law Annie--she was so fun to be with and Ainsley loved her!
Ready for the big event!
Angie & Graig doing more interviews!
They were pros!
Speaking of pros--Matt Lauer!! 
More interviews :)!
So fun to see them in action on the air!
Hoda was SO sweet!  I yelled--"hi Hoda" and she said "hey girl"!!  We had a connection--I think we could be best friends if I lived in the city!!  Al Roker gave Ryan a fist bump--he was super excited!!
So fun!
We were completely soaked by this time, but still having fun!
The moment of the lighting!  It was so fun to see Angie & Graig's reaction!  They were so thrilled!
Such a sweet couple!  Thanks Angie & Graig for including us in your adventure!
Annie & Janice!
The Christmas season is here!
We went back to the hotel--changed into dry, warm clothes and went out with the group for a late night slice of pizza!  Ainsley finally fell asleep about midnight!  She LOVED the city!  More on our final day in the city tomorrow!

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