Thursday, November 3


Can you believe November is here!?! Monday I flew to DC for a conference and my sister met me there! It was announced Monday that her family tree was selected as the Rockefeller Christmas tree for NYC!!! She did a Today show interview and then met me in DC!
Meanwhile Ains and Ryan celebrated Halloween with a hayride and trick or treating with some of our friends!
Ainsley and sweet Emma. Ainsley adores this girl! And she is so precious and sweet with A.
Ryan is super dad this week! Thanks Ryan for holding down the fort!!!
After Trick or Treating!
A view from our hotel-the conference was great!
Me and the White House-my sister and I didn't see 2 barriers so we walked right up....we got yelled at and once we turned around and looked at the officers we realized there was NO one around us-oops! We had tunnel vision for the White House and there was a 12 foot gap in the police tape that we walked right through. We learned our lesson!!
I got these for Ryan!
We drove back to NY Wednesday night and woke up to lots of excitement! Their house has an officer outside 24/7 and a crew wrapping up the tree prepping it for transport! 
Today my nephew surprised his mom and flew in from Arizona! I'm SO excited for everyone to be together!!!

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