Sunday, October 9

Happy 6th Birthday Ainsley!

Our sweet girl is 6 today!! After 42 hours of labor she entered this world and changed our lives forever! I knew Ains was special the moment I saw her! I thank God every day that he chose us to be her parents! Here are some Ainsley highlights!

Ainsley beats to her own drum and I love it-she has a strong opinion and normally doesn't hold back in letting you know what she think about certain things. This is how I found her last night :)! A tiara!

Ains is pure JOY! She loves to dance and sing! When we brought home her bday balloons she immediately put them around her waist and danced! She wanted the balloons to lift her in the air...

Ainsley loves a good adventure! She told me she went to New York while she was in this wagon ride!

Ainsley still loves the Little Mermaid! We took her to Toys r Us Friday so she could pick out one of her birthday gifts!!

Ainsley loves meeting new people. I hosted a brunch yesterday for ladies that are new to Baylor and she insisted on helping me to greet them! Ryan brought her  to the end of the event :) so she could meet the ladies!

You continue to amaze me with how poised you are handling all of your medical stuff...last month was the first time you did a blood draw all by yourself! You have this inner strength that is amazing to see continue to grow!

You trust the Lord with your whole sweet heart! Your sweet prayers melt my heart. I hope you continue to grow in your understanding of how much God loves you.
 You are growing so fast! I feel like I blinked and you are now 6! I told Ryan before you know it you'll be off to college! You want to go to college in another state so we can fly to visit you :)! 
You are competitive! You like to race us at home. If we are in our bedroom you'll say race ya to the kitchen and then you'll pull my shirt so you can pass me!

I like that determination so I normally slow down so you can win :)! 

You are a strong girl Ainsley! Let's talk food! These days you still love your favorites-pizza, corn, pickles, chicken with "sour sauce" also known as Greek dressing :)! You love all kinds of fruit and anything sweet! You LOVE to eat school lunches. 
You love your dad and trust him to fix everything. When something is broke you say don't worry mom, dad will fix that for us. You love to wrestle with your dad and you giggle the whole time! Your dad loves you with his whole heart and would protect you with his life. You are dearly loved sweet girl!

Ryan took this picture of Ains and me yesterday on the wagon ride at the pumpkin patch. My cups runs over with love for you Ains! It has been a joy to watch you grow into a sweet, spunky, strong, and smart girl that you are. You have such a true North compass as I call it-you know what's right and wrong and if something is not right you call out that injustice! You've done that with some political things that you've seen on tv and with me and my choice of words "hate, fine"-apparently those are "rain cloud" words at school and should not be spoken:). I can't wait to see you continue to grow and learn this year! We love you sweet girl!!

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