Monday, August 29

School & Dr. Ainsley

Ainsley has been loving K!  Her Grammie got her this cute outfit to wear!

Ainsley said she felt like the principal in this outfit :)!

Ainsley has been eating mainly the school lunch--one day last week she wanted to pack her lunch and she ONLY ate her baked cheetoes & cookies!  She packed her lunch today and we didn't include chips and cookies--we'll see how it goes today!

We wrapped up the week and celebrated with ice cream!

My dad was re-hospitalized again following his surgery earlier this month.  Ainsley was worried about him, so she's been praying for him and dressed up and face timed him this weekend!

We asked her if she was going to be a doctor when she grows up and she said no.  She still wants to be a Rock Star and an Astronaut!

Ainsley got all dressed up for our lunch out on Saturday!  We stayed by the phone most of the weekend waiting on updates from dad.

Our sweet realtor sent this to Ainsley as a good luck for starting school!

A note Ainsley sent to my dad--rest up this week dad and feel better soon!

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