Sunday, August 7

Last week of pre-k & 38!!!

My sweet girl's last day of pre-K was August was the same day I turned 38!

She is pure JOY!

Ainsley brought a princess dress to school Monday because she told me it was "princess week" at speech camp.  I thought this was odd because there are three kids in speech camp...Ainsley and two boys.  Last week was super hero week so it was semi-possible!

Ready for speech camp....turns out it wasn't princess week it was Olympics week at speech camp!  Oh Ainsley!

I'm thankful to be Ainsley's mamma! 

Ainsley has grown SO much in the past 2 years.  I'm thankful she has a school that encouraged her to learn, be creative and kind!

Ainsley wore this athletic outfit for speech camp Olympics day!

Ainsley's pre-k teacher Ms. Sarah!  She is such a blessing to our family!

Ainsley's other pre-k teacher Ms. Sharon--so thankful for her!

Ainsley and me at her school field trip on Wednesday! 

Ainsley got me this for my birthday present--I will treasure this!  She knows how much I love the PW and Ryan said she picked it out all by herself.

My rockstar singing to me!

Ainsley is in IL right now with her grandparents.  I miss her SO much--but I know she is having fun and loving life!

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