Monday, June 13

Good news

Hello blog friends & family!  Ever since we returned from Mayo Clinic it has been a whirlwind of orientation beginning for our new students and trying to process the trip.  This picture was taken the day after Ainsley's procedures--June 2nd.  She woke up the next morning with very little pain and a big appetite!

On Thursday, June 2nd we had a few more doctor's appointments and then headed to the airport.  We could not have done this trip with out the help of my dad and Vicki and Ryan's parents--so thankful for all of them!  This was Ainsley on the way to the airport--fast asleep.  She didn't fall asleep until 12:15 am the day after her procedures so she was tired!

She is such a good traveler!  I enjoy my travel days with Ainsley--we get snacks and games and just make the most of being at the airport.  We had bad weather on our return flight home--so we were delayed several hours, but Ainsley didn't notice at all!

I got a call last week from her neurologist with the good news that Ainsley's muscle biopsy was good!  There was only one line in the whole report that showed a difference in Ainsley's muscle.  It is SO confusing to process--I've tried to read up on that particular result and it is totally over my head!  I can say with confidence that the overall report showed no signs of disease--so in that we will REJOICE!

They were going to do a skin biopsy to check for carrier testing and I learned last week it did not get tested, it instead went into cryopreservation.....I was so defeated by this.  I am still following up with her doctor on this.  It was my understanding that they were going to test this for Ainsley so I want to push for this, since they removed a portion of her skin to pursue muscular dystrophy carrier testing.

Sweet girl slept the entire flight home--even slept through the rough landing.  It was so comforting to hold Ainsley on the flight knowing that she was feeling good after her big day of tests.  Thankful that God provided in a BIG way for our sweet girl!

Ryan picked us up from the airport and we went to our favorite restaurant in Dallas--so thankful to see Ryan!

Ainsley was super pumped to see her daddy too!

We are thankful to be home and Ainsley's biopsy scar is healing and looking great.  Thankful for NO pain after the procedure--she is one tough kid!  We are now processing all of the PT results to see what we think is best moving forward for Ainsley--she still has several areas of weakness that they noted, but the results differed on doing the foot braces. 

We are thankful for a healthy, happy Ainsley!

And for the simple joys in life, like yummy sweet corn!

"Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; His love endures forever."
-1 Chron 16:34

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Angie E said...

So is so precious! and you are right she is one tough kid.
Love you