Tuesday, June 21


We are so thankful for having strong dads (in addition to great moms in our family!)!  To celebrate father's day (a few days late) :)--I asked Ainsley some fun questions about our dads...enjoy!  This picture was taken in MN earlier this month when my dad and Larry were working on Ainsley's stroller that Linda bought Ains so we could navigate the airport post surgery.  So thankful to have their help during this trip!

Ainsley what jobs do the dads do?  Ryan:  He helps new Baylor students.  Papa Bob:  mow the yard.  Papa Larry:  makes calls....whatever he wants to.

What do you think your daddy's favorite food is?  Ryan-chicken, Papa Bob-Pizza, Papa Larry:  beans.

What do you love about the dads?  Ryan:  I love playing on his phone.  Papa Bob:  Ride in tractors and test them out.  Papa Larry:  He's so special.

What are the dad's favorite colors:  Ryan:  Red.  Papa Bob:  Blue.  Papa Larry:  Orange.

What do you like to do for fun with the dads:  Ryan:  Watch TV.  Papa Bob:  Ride tractors.  Papa Larry:  Going to see Della.

What are the dad's favorite movies:  Ryan:  Star Wars.  Papa Bob:  Goosebumps.  Papa Larry:  Star Wars.

What a journey parenthood has been!  There have been so many fun moments and other moments that humble us.

This was the day we brought Ains home from the hospital!

I'm so thankful for Ryan's sweet and special bond with Ainsley.  I know he would do anything to support and encourage her!

I'm so thankful for the sweet relationship that Ainsley has with her grandparents-Larry & Linda!

And the special bond with my dad!

Thank you Ryan for being such a loving and fun dad for Ainsley!

Here's to many more fun years of parenthood!

Happy Father's Day!

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