Monday, May 30

We arrived in MN!!

Sunday morning we left the house at 5:30 am and drove to the airport! Ains was so excited it was "Minnesota day"!
A did great on the plane!
While we waited for our plane she drew...
And got her ticket ready!!
So thankful for Larry and Linda-they picked us up and took is right to the Mall of America for lunch and rides!
A was thrilled!!!

At the end of the day Grammie bought Ainsley some purple cotton candy. It was like gold to Ains-she LOVED it!!!
Monday bubble time!! We had slight difficulties finding the park. I had mapped to what I thought was a beautiful turned out to be a trailer park in the middle of the country in MN with no playground equipment :(.
We found a local school playground and had some fun!
This girl loves her Grammie!
The school had a large map of the USA!
Snack time at Target!!!

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