Wednesday, May 25


Earlier this week I woke up one day at 5 am with my mind racing with worry and questions about Ainsley's hearing and muscles.
I got up and read, prayed and wrote about our upcoming trip to Mayo-we fly out this Sunday. 
Several of my concerns were about how Ains would handle all of this when she gets a bit older and could fully understand. Part of that fear came true today during an eval by our new school district that Ains had at her current school. We didn't know that Ains was being evaluated today or I would have been there. She told her teacher that she felt "embarrassed" as a result of the observation today :(.  Broke my heart hearing this. The woman observing A was a deaf/hard of hearing specialist who was trying to just observe and not engage A.  Ainsley loves to engage with everyone so maybe that was part of the disconnect.
I was relieved to know that her teachers and the administrators at her current school were so encouraging and supportive of Ains today. They advocate for A just as strongly as we do. So thankful for them! I sent a quick note tonight to the Special Education coordinator at her new school explaining how Ains felt today and asking to be notified in advance of future observations.
The day that I woke up at 5 am earlier this week consumed with worry for Ains...I had a meeting that morning on campus with a colleague. At the end of our meeting I mentioned I would be out of the office next week due to the Mayo trip. She kindly ask me to tell her more...
She then shared her story. She too has a hearing loss and wears an aid. She shared her experiences as a young girl Ainsley's age and shared how her family advocated for her. She also told me the mean comments from kids who are insensitive will come in time, to be prepared. I was in tears several times when she spoke-mainly because I was in awe that God answered my prayer for peace and understand in some way through this interaction. I just kept saying what a blessing she was to share this with me-she doesn't normally tell people about her hearing loss. I was so thankful for her opening up and providing a window into what Ains will likely face in the years to come. What an encouragement she was! I left the meeting thanking God for his timing of providing the much needed encouragement from someone who has walked this journey before.  Our God is in the details and I'm thankful for His care for our sweet girl.

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