Tuesday, May 31

Mayo-day 1 appointments

We started out our day with blood work, bright an early at 7 am. Ainsley rocked it! No tears! This is a welcomed change!!  She got to pick out a prize after!
Next up PT eval at 8 am. She worked hard and the PT identified several areas we could work on at home. She noticed weakness in different areas than her local doctor. She did not agree Ains would benefit from feet bracing. Her local PT highly recommended this option.
We then saw her ENT and went over the pre-surgery info. Next up the Neurologist who evaluated Ains and recommended we do both the muscle EMG and muscle bioposy. This was the same neuro dr that evaluate Ainsley two years ago.
Then lunch and dancing in the lobby.
Popcorn snack! Dad and Vicki have been with me during the apts today.
They added on a 2:30 pm surgery consult for the muscle biopsy so I'm thankful they had a movie to keep A occupied. We met the surgeon who will be doing A's muscle biopsy tomorrow. I thought we were doing a fine needle biopsy....the surgeon explained they would need 2 cm of A's muscle. I wanted to fall out of my chair. The neurologist also wanted a skin biopsy to do genetic testing on-good news for both of these is we'll get the results in 2-4 weeks. I was shocked about the 2 muscle sample and after the surgeon left the surgery nurse, Penny, explained who the surgeon was-Dr. Moir. He's done several complex conjoined children operations. Praise the good Lord! So thankful God always provides for my sweet girl in ways I couldn't even imagine to pray for. If he can separate conjoined babies, I will trust him with my precious Ainsley for this muscle  biopsy. Ainsley will have a LONG day of procedures tomorrow-I'm beyond thankful that they were able to get these two muscle tests packed into a busy day of tests.

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