Wednesday, May 11

Aced it!

Ainsley has to be fully retested for kindergarten special education services since her IEP is approaching 3 years. One part of the test is a 2 hour cognitive test!!!!
She had that this morning for 2 hours!!!! They told me they would not be doing play based testing-it was the real deal! We were a little nervous, but Ainsley did awsome! They said there are absolutely no cognitive concerns! Next week a 2 hour speech test :)!
So we celebrated tonight!!
We told Ains the other day that we wanted to come live by her after she goes to college so we could hang out with her family!
She informed us that we had to live in a different state....
So her " 5....I mean my 7 kids can fly on the plane and come see you"! Oh my word Ainsley-she wants to have a large family, we told her that would be great, just after college!
Tonight at dinner she told me she wanted to live in Minnesota when she grows up!
I said "do you want to work at Mayo Clinic and help people"?!?!
With out missing a beat she said "NO mom, I'm going to be a carnival worker in Minnesota".....
Later on our walk tonight she said "one day when I'm a scientist"...!! 
We had a good talk about that option :)!! 

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