Saturday, April 30


We left the house at 3:30 am this morning for our early morning flight to MN! I got 4 hours of sleep the night before due to my work trip to Virginia so I was dragging today :), thank goodness for caffeine!
A was tired but didn't sleep on the plane...Ryan did :).
We arrived in MN!

We went right to the Mall of America!
Lunch at Hard Rock!
Rides! Ainsley had been awake since 3 am and was still going strong mid-afternoon!

We went to the hotel and slept for 3 hours!  Back to full energy and ready to go!
No time for dinner since we wanted to get back to the rides so we got smoothies and then got appetizers at Hard Rock after the rides closed at 10 pm :), it's going to be a late night!!
Thankful for a fun day!

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