Tuesday, March 15

This & That

I asked Ains to organize her shoes this weekend and she did great! My mini organizer!
I had a parent teacher conference on Monday and they shared this fun drawing  that Ainsley did! L to R: Vicki, Bob, Michelle, Ainsley and Angie ;)!
This morning Ains wanted her backpack so she could take a rest toy for nap time. I walked in the kitchen and found this!
Oh Sugar! Ainsley wanted to take her to school today!
So close!

Come on Sugar!
Ainsley has wanted to be a mermaid for about a year-she now wants to be a rock star.....
Oh my word!
I'm going to introduce Ainsley to my friends at Baylor's Career Center so we can expand her career hopes! Or maybe as she says she'll be the next Taylor Swift :)!

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