Monday, March 7

Illinois or bust

Saturday morning Ryan dropped A and I off at the airport. I took a picture of this sweet moment between R and A.
I really have fun traveling with A. Everything is an adventure through her eyes!

I normally let her pick out one thing at the gift shop per trip and we found this fun doodle book! She loves to draw!!
On the plane ready for take off-we had a direct flight from DFW to STL-only 1 hour 20 minute flight!
We landed and found my sister at the airport! Ang got Ainsley this giant sucker! It's actually has several little suckers inside! 
My dad lives 3 hours from the airport so we picked up a rental and hit the road. We stopped by to see mom and put out new flowers for spring.
Mom loved spring flowers and the color yellow. We were thankful we could visit mom together.
We got to dad's house in time for Saturday dinner!
Dad surprised us with an ice cream cake!
Sunday morning Angie and I got up early and took a walk at EIU! This was Angie's attempt to get a picture by the castle-we were laughing so hard! Even with her selfie stick she only got the front door :)!
The castle!
Lunch with dad!
Dad took us to a tractor show Sunday afternoon!

Fun at the park!

Time for a drive on the farm!

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