Saturday, February 6

Happy girl

Every morning Ainsley wakes up so happy, I'm trying to soak this in before her attitude may change in Jr High :).
Ains has had a rough few days of not listening at home and at school. Her teacher does such a good job of letting me know when Ains wasn't listening this week and what happened with each instance. 
Several time this week Ains said she couldn't hear because her hearing aid batteries were dead...
The first day she tried to pull that one I had just changed the batteries and they were working perfectly. 
We had a loooong talk about lies and how that was not something we joke about. She keeps us on our toes!
Friday morning A had her fiber optic laryngoscopy done to evaluate her voice box.
This was due to the chronic hoarseness.
They did see several use nodules, but thankfully they didn't look like disease nodules. Thank the Lord!
We took A to Peter Pipper Pizza to celebrate! We honestly were prepared to have to schedule a time for A to be sedated and have the procedure done in the or, but she was a trooper and sat still while they put the camera through her nose-yikes! They did do a numbing spray so she sat perfectly still and was such a BIG girl!

Happy Weekend!

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