Sunday, December 13

Weekend fun!

Saturday afternoon we helped with a Christmas party at a Methodist Children's home.

Some queens were there to meet the kids!
Santa was there too!
Story time!
Saturday night Ryan and I volunteered at a Compassion event that was paired with a Point of Grace Christmas concert.
25 kids were sponsored last night! That is 25 kids that now have medical care, school, and food/clothes provided and more than all of that hope! Many of the kids last night that were sponsored were on the priority list-meaning they have been waiting 6 months-1 year for a sponsor. That is hundreds of nights of prayers that these kids and their families prayed hoping for their basic needs to be met. We plan to help with other Compassion events as there is no better feeling knowing we are helping to connect these kids with hope! Check out if you are interested in sponsoring a child! For $38 a month you can provide for a child's basic needs, medical care, schooling, and much more!
Sunday we went to a lady bears basketball game!
Ains was so excited!

We had great seats!
Ains was in the jumbo screen twice for her mad cheering/dancing skills! She also won a large pizza for all of her "spirit" in the stands!  One of the cheerleaders gave it to her and Ains took a piece and we shared it with the fans around us!
A fun weekend!

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