Sunday, November 1

Flordia Fun!

Ryan and I arrived in Flordia early Saturday morning and headed right to the beach. I have a conference Mon-Wed so we came a few days early to have fun! A BIG thanks to L and L for loving on Ains while we are away!
We got this fun rental for a great deal!
We took a great walk on the beach and found a fun place to have lunch!

Saturday night dinner-I just LOVE this place!
Sunday morning time for Universal!
We stopped off for a quick breakfast!

Today this ride is closing at 5 pm!! So we were thankful we got to experience this!
Time for Harry Potter!

Butter beer-like a butterscotch root beer! So yummy! We split a frozen one and then road the castle ride and almost got sick-learned our lesson there :)!
For lunch Ryan found us a great place!
Toward the end of the day we were asked to do screen testing for NBC pilots! For 1 hour they paid $30! They were needing people in our age range so we said yes! I did biometric testing and Ryan did the normal. My pilot was horrible but it was fun to be asked and we had a fun dinner for free tonight-thanks NBC!

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