Wednesday, October 21

The Pioneer Woman & the call

Ainsley had a friend over last night for dinner-so we picked up some pizzas after work quickly and rushed home.  Ainsley also picked out this fun orange chocolate chip cookie dough that she wanted to hold the whole way home!  As we were leaving the store she said, "I feel like the Pioneer Woman"!  I'm sure The Pioneer Woman does cook ready made pizzas every now and then--I'm sure she'd approve :)!

Last week on Wednesday, Ainsley's neuromuscular doctor called and let us know he had the results in hand of her genetic test (this was the test we did in May 2015). He said in the voicemail that he can clearly explain the reason for her thyroid condition and the CPK (muscle issues) weren't as clear--so he was going to have to dive into the results a bit more.  He shared he'd try to call me again and explain more.  I was THRILLED that he was going to talk to us over the phone.  I left him another message on Thursday and said please call back anytime...the days passed and I finally heard from him Tuesday afternoon...

He left another voicemail because he called toward the end of the day when I was in a meeting.  He said that he thought it was best if we kept the appointment in early November and meet with him in person to fully go over the results.  So we will plan to travel to Houston in early November and connect with her neuromuscular doctor and dig into the results.

We are anxious about the results.  LOTS of questions trying to determine what this could mean...but we are going to try to remain in the present day enjoying life and not worry until we need to.

Ains is looking forward to our Houston trip because there will of course be lots of fun places to eat and parks to play in--so THAT is what we will focus on for now!

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