Thursday, October 22

Picture day!

Ryan texted me yesterday morning at work and shared it was picture day--we TOTALLY forgot and he was reminded of picture day as soon as he walked in and saw the other kids.  This is what Ains was wearing on picture day--the LARGEST Inside Out disgust bow (because that's her favorite character)!  Well...we will never forget her 5 year old school picture and what movie was popular at the time :)!

This was Ainsley before school today.  I wanted to get a picture of her in her new fall outfit and she was so disgusted by Sugar's cat food smell!  Sugar of course LOVES canned cat food--but it makes Ainsley so grossed out!  Normally Sugar scarfs it down, but today she was taking her time eating :)!

Ainsley smelled her fruit loops and was back to her happy self!

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