Monday, October 19


Last week Ains had fun using several of her friend b-day gifts!  She loved this tiara gift set!  She got to craft her very own tiara--she loved that!

Other things that Ainsley loves...eating on campus.  She was practically running to the dining hall after school one day!  We have to limit her to a couple of times a week!

Thursday afternoon we show up for speech at 4:15 pm and Ains immediately sits down on the stairs and says "we messed up".  "I can't go in there, I'm in trouble".  She realized what I realized as soon as we saw the building, it was the fall carnival and we forgot to dress her up!!  Thankfully the director of the program was at the door and she quickly said, don't worry we've got just the costume for her!  Ainsley came back from speech 45 minutes later and her wonderful speech teacher (Ms. Amanda) had dressed her up!  So thankful for loving teachers!

Fall carnival fun!

Friday night fun!  We always try to make Friday nights family fun nights!  We let Ainsley pick dinner and she wanted Newks!

She loves their pizza and greek salad and cherry coke!  We let her have a little bit of cherry coke and she thinks that is the best thing ever!

Testing out the Halloween costume!

Sweet girl!  She got the fall flower and added that herself!

Saturday fun!

Never a dull moment!

Sugar is loving life at the Cohenours!

Sunday night family walk or fly!

Sunday night we worked on Ainsley's thank you cards!  She made a special drawing for each of her friends.  She took special care to draw something each of her friends liked!

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