Friday, September 18

Lecture, Chess and Almost There

A few weeks ago Ainsley's audiologist at Baylor asked us to be a guest lecture for the day in her audiology class! She said she likes for her students to hear about the family and parent perspective on hearing loss. We were so honored she asked-we pulled together Ainsley's journey in a presentation and it was such a gift to be able to share with 40 future audiologist and speech pathologist! 
Ains had speech at the clinic at Baylor after our presentation so we stayed on campus and ate dinner!
Ainsley LOvES eating on campus!
It may have something to do with the yummy ice cream :)!
As we were walking back to our car A noticed the giant chess game by one of the residence halls so we stopped to play!
And by "play" I mean Ains shuffled them around!

I've been working many late nights and early mornings so Ains had a movie night in my office last night to be with me-such a sweet, sweet girl! She ate a whole bag of popcorn by herself!
Almost there...Ains was trying so hard to reach this flower after dinner tonight! This symbolizes for me A's genetic testing...this was the weekend we were to travel to Houston for her results meeting on Monday the 21st. It has been exactally 3 years ago this month when her developmental doctor recommended genetic testing to see if all of Ainsley's conditions could be explained by an overarching syndrome/disease. We learned recently that her results (from the most recent genetic testing which we started in May) are close. Dr should have results at the end of this month/early Oct...but his next appointment is November 9 so they got us scheduled then. They said they will call us in before then if Dr. Lotze reviews the results and sees an immediate need but for now we wait patiently for a few more weeks...

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