Tuesday, September 22

Just jump and Welcome Fall!

Sugar is just making herself right at home!

She loves to have fun and be RIGHT by us at all times!

Last night at gymnastics Ainsley refused to jump into the foam pit from the spring board.  Everyone in her class did this 4-5 times and each time Ainsley would dig her heels in and refuse.  She would jump off on the side where she felt more comfortable.  One of her teachers, Ms. Kayla, was working with another group and each time Ains refused she would yell over to Ainsley and encourage her to try it.

Ryan and I were both doing work email on our phone--so when class was over we didn't see Ainsley.  Normally she is the first kid out of the class and she runs over to us.  We didn't see her....I looked up and saw this..

Two of her teachers kept Ainsley after class and encouraged her to jump in from the spring board.  I may have had immediate tears in my eyes.  I don't need Ainsley to be a perfect gymnast, but I DO want her to feel brave and confident to try.  That is what her teachers were encouraging her to do.

She did it!  She held Ms. Kayla's hand and jumped!  I thanked Ms. Kayla after and she said that the administrator had told her a bit about Ainsley when she first started and she always keeps an eye on her.  What a kind gift!  I had told the administrator of the gymnastics center early on that we may want Ainsley to have a private lesson or two...she said we don't recommend those for Ainsley's age.  She thought I was an overbearing mom who wanted her child to be the next Mary Lou (dating myself a bit here :).  I explained Ainsley's PT and her needing more time to feel comfortable with gross motor things and she realized what I was getting at and passed along the message to a few teachers to be a gentle encouragement to Ainsley when she may hesitate.  What a precious gift of kindness.

Another kindness-Ryan got me pumpkin bread and an iced tea from Starbucks this morning on the first day of fall!

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