Saturday, July 4

Vacation Day!

Friday was a vacation day for all of us, so we decided to have some fun!
While I was cleaning the back yard seating area, Ains washed her car!

And then did a little swimming!
We ran to Sears in the afternoon and they had these cute shoes for only $21!!! Ains loves this movie and these shoes!

Last night we took Ainsley to Lions Park. The rides were a little old....but someone didn't seem to mind one bit!

Train ride! Ryan and I were trying to hold on, that little train moved FAST!
Go cart time! Ains rode with me-we finished in last place but had fun! 
This girl LOVES speed!

Her favorite ride...
A fun night!!
That got even better with a stop for frozen yogurt! 
Last night when I was putting A to bed, she asked if we could do the park/yogurt fun again SOON! I'd say she loved it and we did too!

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