Wednesday, July 8

Sweet & Sassy

"Oh come on...."  This is a NEW phrase that Miss Ainsley has picked up recently.  Instead of her former "well mom..." she now says "oh, come on mom just one more popsicle or bubble run, etc".

We've been having to put our foot down much more as Ainsley is testing boundaries.  She had a couple of rough days this weeks when she wasn't listening to us (at all) so she's been without Netflix for two days, going on three...Thursday she can watch tv again, so she's asked for a movie night Thursday :).

Ainsley on the other hand can be so sweet and kind.  She recently ran up to someone at our local grocery store to let them know she thought their hair was beautiful.  The young woman beamed with happiness and Ainsley said, "mamma I made her happy".   

Last night Ainsley was helping me run some errands--we went to get gas in my Jeep and take it through the car wash and she said "remember the baby who is sick"?  "We should ask God to take care of her".  So Ainsley closed her eyes right there at the gas station and prayed the sweetest prayer for a beautiful new baby girl who could use all the prayers we can send.  Ainsley met this beautiful baby girl last week when we took food to a couple in our church whose new baby had one surgery already and has more on the horizon. 
The sassy days are TOUGH, but I know she has a sweet heart!

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