Wednesday, July 15

New School

Ains started her new pre-k this week! It's a 4 week pre-k for hard of hearing kids. Ainsley was excited to meet other kids with hearing aids.
They are teaching Ainsley how to put in her own hearing aids!! We are SO excited about this! Such a big girl!
The first day she was SO hungry after her first school...we didn't know that they didn't do snacks there so on day 2 we were much more prepared and A was much happier :)!
So proud of her new school!

At Ainsley's other pre-k she worked on this castle for a long time her teachers said...
Complete with princess drawings!

Each night A picks out her snack and car treat for the next day and we work on her homework (site words) :)!
Tonight A and I made an apple pie. She's been wanting to bake ever since we watched the Pioneer Woman's pie show earlier this week. 
My little chef!

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