Tuesday, July 21

Fun with Grammie & Papa

Larry and Linda came to visit us this weekend since Ryan is at a conference this week and I'm traveling for work too.
They got A a giant Elsa balloon, she loved it!
Sunday after lunch we went to some open houses for fun, Ainsley loved running around looking at houses...she really liked this closet!
Sunday night we went to Lion's Park-our realtor sent us some free tickets to this park! She is so kind and thoughtful! Ains had the best time!
Riding the train!
Need for speed!
Monday A told us she was getting married..,
When she asks about marriage I tell her she can get married after college....well-she thinks she's going to college with her pre-k!  She has a few more years to go :)!
Monday morning drop off at pre-k!
Linda sent me these pictures Monday night! Ainsley had gymnastics Monday and Tuesday night this week! She loves it!
Thanks L and L for taking care of our sweet girl this week!

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