Friday, July 3

Bringing Elsa Home

Ains had been saving her chore money for months now-she's had her eye on a big Elsa doll! Yesterday we went to my bank and she carried the money to the counter and the teller said she was SO sorry but they didn't have a coin machine....Ains was NOT happy. A manager walked by and Ainsley pointed to the counter and explained her disappointment....I tried to explain it wasn't their fault but Ains was having none of it!! So we went to a local bank by our house and this time I went to the drive through to check if they had a machine and they did!!!
When Ainsley handed over her hard earned coins she told them it was 100 and we all smiled because clearly it wasn't but it was $50!  Happy girl!!
After dinner at home we made a late evening Target run!
Thankfully they had plenty of life size Elsa dolls :). 

Welcome home Elsa!

We let A take her in her tree house and didn't tuck Ains in since we knew she wanted to play for a bit and 30 min later I found them both tucked in and asleep...well it looks like Elsa will always be wide awake ;)!

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Angie said...

How cute! I am SO glad she got her Elsa doll.
I will say though,Elsa looks slightly creepy-esp. in the last picture-ha ha