Sunday, July 19

Ainsley and Mom Day!

Saturday morning in our house we each had a suitcase packed and we are each going somewhere different! The next two weeks will be a little busy for us...Ryan left Saturday for a conference, I leave Monday for a work trip and Ains will travel back to Iowa later this week with her grandparents and then Ryan and I will join them a few days later after our work trips!
In the midst of all of the busy travel Ains and I had a fun day yesterday. Since it was just the two of us I let Ains pick some fun things to do. First up-pizza for lunch!
We brought a few princesses to lunch too!
Next up, the library! We have a small library close to our house, this was our first time there so we got a library card and LOtS of books! The summer reading program ends at the end of July so we've got lots of reading to do!!
Saturday afternoon we made a Grasshopper Pie for Larry and Linda's visit!
Ains helped with each part!
And as any good cook does she taste tested at several points in the cooking process :)!
This was her face when I told her we had to let it chill before we ate it! "Really mom"!?!
Saturday night-Rosa's! We sat right next to some fire fighters! Ains kept smiling at them so one came over to meet Ainsley and he gave her a card of their fire station. She was thrilled. 
She told me at the end of dinner that she now wants to be a fire fighter instead of a mermaid!  So thankful in the midst of a busy time we have good family support and grandparents who are now ALL retired (congrats) who can make the journey to TX to visit!

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