Saturday, June 6

Living: New Tree House

Ryan and I had decided to get Ainsley a bunk bed for her 5th birthday in October. We felt like it was smart to wait until after her neuromuscular apt in late September before we bought a bunk bed. Just incase we got news that A's muscules are declining...a bunk bed would not be a good option.
Well, last weekend Ains and I went to a movie and then I thought lets check out some bunk beds.
We didn't plan on buying a bed and I told Ains that. We were just looking. I liked the safe options-we found one that was mid height and had a slide-very safe for Ainsley's muscles....
But Ainsley liked the normal bunk beds!
The really TALL bunk beds!
After looking at two stores a sales woman showed us one last bed...
as soon as I saw it I knew it was the one!
Ains fell in love with it too! It was delivered today!
We love it! It will be a good reminder for me that we aren't going to hold our breath until September when we get the results of her genetics test. We are going to LIVE and celebrate the gift of life that God gives us each day.
And I think this sweet girl would agree!
Ryan mentioned he's never seen Ainsley SO full of joy!

So happy!

Good night!

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Angie said...

Shelby-I love, love, love her bed I think it's perfect for her and you can tell she adores it!
Lots of love to you all!