Wednesday, June 3

Bows, cleaning and the dollar store!

Ains found a new bow at the mall on Saturday! Can you believe it was only a $1!! She loved it and wore it to church the next day!
And her rain boots! It has been raining non stop in TX...but the rain stopped this weekend and we are thankfully back to sunny days!!
This weekend Ainsley and I cleaned out her room and playroom in preparation for her bed being delivered later this week!! We stopped for some fun in between cleaning for candy land!
Sweet girl!!

We had dinner by the river one night this week!
The waiter gave Ains some bread to feed the birds--she loved that!

Ains and I did a little shopping at the dollar store the other night and she found a couple of fun toys...she just stood by this Dr. Pepper machine for a few minutes in awe.  She loves Dr. Pepper...I told her it was far too late for a DP!
Speaking of the dollar store, I found these cute labels (30) for only $1!!!  What a bargain!
Another fave--lemon in my ice water.  Little miss saw me drinking this last night and had to have a lemon for her nightly water :)!
She loved it!

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