Wednesday, May 27

Weekend fun

This past weekend we went to the Dr. Pepper museum for the first time!  Ainsley loved "working the concession stand"! 

We visited the soda shop before we left.  Ainsley got her own Dr. Pepper and felt like such a big girl!

The life size Elsa doll....this is what Ainsley is saving for this summer!  We started a chore chart and she gets stickers every night based on that day and once she fills up a sticker sheet she gets $2.  She was SO excited when she earned her first $2 a couple of days ago.  She thought that was plenty to buy Elsa....we have some work to do on explaining the whole money concept.  We shared that she will likely have to work all summer to get Elsa.  We did stop by to "see" Elsa when we were at Target this weekend :)!

Ryan and I went to a wedding of two Baylor grads on Sunday.  It was a beautiful wedding--such a sweet, sweet couple!

We had several tornado warnings in our area on Monday so we took shelter in Ryan's walk-in closet since we don't have basements in TX.  Ainsley did great when we explained we needed her to get shoes on and long pants and her helmet.  She didn't question it she just wanted to watch her Netflix shows and said a quick prayer for God to take the tornados back to heaven.

Thankfully we had the all clear a few hours later--doesn't she look SO big here?!? 

She is growing up!

I drove Ains to school this morning and I looked back at her when I was at the stop light and she was making a butterfly in the shadow in the car!

Our sweet, spunky girl!  You'll notice Ainsley has the same dress over several days--we let her pick out her clothes and she always wants to wear this one...maybe I shouldn't wash it as often so she wears something else :)!

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