Tuesday, May 19

Now we wait...

We jumped in the car and headed to Austin last night for an early morning appointment at the lab for A's genetic test.
I can't tell you how freeing it is to have a hope for some answers with this test. This was A walking into the hotel last night.
As I was checking us in, A took off her shoes and began jumping on the lobby couches...she made herself right at home!
Ains had a camp out on the couch in our room.
She had her own TV and stayed up until super late watching cartoons! She felt like we were on vacation!
We were up bright and early!
Look at those smiles!
Our genetic counselor dropped off the kit to us this morning. She has been amazing during this process.

Go time!
Ryan gave blood first, then me and then Ains. She was not happy when it was her turn but she recovered quickly.
On the road home! Ains picked out a BIG sticker book as her prize. She had fun with that all the way home. Now we are in a waiting period for 4 months as they work on our blood work. We have an appointment with Ainsley's neuromuscular doctor in late September and he'll go over the results with us. Thankful we got this done today!!

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