Saturday, May 30

Mermaids, Home & A New Bed

Friday night I met A and R for dinner and a play!
Dr. Pepper-a rare treat!
A quick dress change and off to see the Little Mermaid!!

Ainsley was SO excited before the show-however about 2 minutes in she was screaming so much I had to take her outside. She was scared of Ariel's dad....after 10 minutes we went back in and she did great!
She planned her outfit for this fun night out down to the socks!

Pictures after the play with Ariel!
And the girl who played Sully! She was Ainsley's favorite!
Saturday Ains and I went to see Home. She had already seen it twice...but loved it so much she wanted me to see it too!
We were planning to get A a bunk bed for her 5th birthday...and we went looking tonight and fell in love with this one :) will be delivered this week!

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Angie said...

so fun!! I love Ainsley's outfit and I adore her bed. Ava said she wants one for her room-ha ha!