Tuesday, April 21


Ainsley was early for school on Monday!  Frozen characters from the Baylor theater department were at her school at 8 am and Ainsley didn't want to miss them :)!

My dad and I got to join Ainsley for the fun!  We played in the classroom for a few minutes while the Frozen characters got set up!

Ains was excited to dance with Anna!

At the end Ainsley did this and was very upset.  Her teacher went over to talk with her....come to find out she was upset because Else had band-aids on her feet.  Her teacher explained that we all get owies and need band-aids...even Elsa.  At the end they had Q & A and Ainsley asked the very first question..."why do you have band-aids on your feet"?  Nothing gets by this one!

A fun morning!

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