Monday, February 2

Cheering for the Lady Bears!

Ainsley was SO excited to go to her first lady bears basketball game Sunday!

We had to talk her into this outfit.  She kept saying, "I want to wear the pretty one"....when we asked her to point to what she was talking about her in office, she pointed to her Iowa cheerleading outfit!  We sure do have a special place in our hearts for Iowa!

This was SO fun--they had a blimp indoors!  We waved at it, and it zoomed right over to us!

Ainsley was excited and scared all at the same time!

The gentleman behind us was VERY vocal during the game--so Ainsley would at times repeat what he said in the same tone..."lets GO"!  It was quite funny!

We of course had to get snacks!

Ainsley said really loudly, "let's GO home" after half time, she was ready for nap time :) we headed home!  A fun first game experience!

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