Sunday, December 21

Travel day 2

We were so excited when we crossed into IL this morning! 
We stopped for lunch at Steak n Shake!

We then went to see my mom's grave. Her birthday is on Christmas Day. She would have been 69. Ainsley has heard me talk about Grandma Rose but she couldn't fully understand the cemetery. I overheard her say to Ryan, mom has tears and when I put her in the car she said "I have tears too mom". She did, her sweet eyes were tearing up.  She said some other sweet things that made me smile. I'm so thankful we could see my moms grave especially at this time of year.
A few minutes down the road we saw Santa and his reindeer! 
So we stopped to say hi!
We finally made it to Ryan's parents tonight! More pictures to come!!!

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Angie said...

I'm so glad you got to visit mom's grave. She would be so proud to see you as a mom. Love you!! xoxoxoxo