Thursday, November 27

Week in review!

We've had a fun week with my dad. Earlier this week Ains had her sweet friend Claire over to have dinner and fun!
They made cookies!
Ains loved those!!
Wednesday Ains had an early morning audiology appointment so we started the day with donuts!
The hospital was already decorated!!

Ains waiting for her appointment watching Doc McStuffins!
And after! Ainsley needed new ear buds and she asked for Baylor colors right before she had her surgery a few weeks ago! The audiologist asked for gold glitter in addition to the Baylor colors-Ainsley loves them!
My dad wanted to see the Mars factory so we dropped by there on our way home! Apparently 85% of all snickers are made in Waco-who knew!!

Time to decorate!!
Ainsley supervised the decorating while eating Cheetos!
We went to see Big Hero 6! A really cute movie!!
These two love popcorn!!!
Ains had a play date with a friend from school at the park! It was a beautiful day!

We played "school" this afternoon-Ains was Miss Emily and I was Ainsley. She encouraged me to "work hard" at my school work! Very encouraging :)!

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