Saturday, November 29

Small town Texas

Saturday morning Ryan got Ainsley a new bike helmet since she had an accident within 15 minutes of getting her bike home last night!
Saturday before we took my dad to the train station we had breakfast at this small town gem! Best breakfast around!! It was voted one of the best cafes in Texas!
A favorite of the Bush family!
And Ainsley!

Ryan informed my dad at the end of the meal he was drinking from a President Bush mug. My dad was not too happy...he somehow didn't notice the large seal :)!
But I guess the coffee was too good, he finished it!
Time for the train!
We had a lot of time to read and chat...the train was delayed 4+ hours!!!
Ainsley and me on one of our many walks to pass the time! It was super windy!!

So thankful we got to visit with my dad this week!!

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