Saturday, October 18

Shots & no puppy

I snapped a few pictures as we were leaving Ainsley's pre-k last week. I love this Texas fall weather high 70s!

Thursday we took A for her 4 year old check up! We had prepared her for shots-4 in all...
She was a trooper, but they warned us she could spike a fever in the next week. Sure enough the next morning she was running at 100...
So we gave her some medicine and took her for her hearing test in Temple at the children's hospital.

It was 100% a hot mess!!! Ainsley was not feeling good from her shots and was not cooperating!  Ryan and I were so frustrated as we needed a good read to find out how her hearing is doing. The audiologist and we agreed a sedated ARB hearing test is what we need to do next. She is getting frustrated with all of these hearing tests.  The ENT scheduled her for surgery in Nov 6-her 4th set of tubes, adenoids and the sedated hearing test. Only 8% of kids get three sets of tubes, not enough research on how many get 4 sets...hopefully this is her last! We are getting them again because all of the fluid is compounding her already present hearing loss.
Poor baby fell asleep while we were at sonic getting her a cherry limeaid so we knew she was tired! Three hours later she  woke up and was super happy and back to her old self! 
She got to open special card/package from her Papa Bob and card from GG Della!  That made her feel better!
Saturday fun! A dressed herself today :)!

Lunch time!
Then Petco....bad idea! She was SO upset that we didn't buy her a puppy! 
So we went to look at fish!
We did compromise with Ainsley-no puppy today, but a new unicorn did the trick! She was holding on to her so tightly tonight.
Sweet dreams!

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