Wednesday, October 8

Ms. Emily

Balancing two pre-schools has been tough this semester.  2 drop offs, 2 pick ups per day all while balancing 2 full time jobs...but it is worth every single sacrifice!  I was reminded of that today when I got a call to set up Ainsley's speech therapy for 30 minutes a week with a private company...this call came almost 4 months after she was orgionally tested with them this summer.  I told them we were all set....

Because Ainsley is in a pre-k focused on speech and articulation with her sweet, kind teacher Ms. Emily!  I asked to get a picture with the two of them because Ainsley will tell anyone who will listen how much she loves Ms. Emily!  She is a graduate student who has such a gift for working with speech and language!  A perfect fit with Ainsley.  If she forgets what day of the week it is, she'll ask "is this a Ms. Emily day?"...since she only goes Monday-Thursday.

Ms. Emily gives Ainsley sight word homework every night and other fun homework.  Right now she is working on her "ch" and "l" sounds.  This was Ains on her way to school today!

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