Monday, September 8

This and that!

Ains had a play date Saturday morning. She brought some dresses and shoes to share. The girls had fun!
Ains tried chili this weekend and loved it!
We bought Ainsley this dresser on Sunday afternoon from Junque in the Trunk! It is hard to find a good solid dresser so we were so happy to find this! It gets delivered Wednesday!
Ainsley wrote her name without our help-we were so excited!  She is growing up!   
Ainsley made me a painting. She said it was the back of my hair-looks about right!
Ainsley's homework from her language/articulation pre-k. We do homework every night after bath. 
This is the chart they send home daily with things circled to prompt us to have conversations about her day. I'll have to remember this exercise when she's in jr high and says her day was "fine"...ha!  Her teacher writes to us everyday.
I may or may not include a scratch and sniff stickers on my notes back to Miss Emily! I try really hard to not go overboard and include one everyday :), everyone needs a good encouraging sticker every now and then! Miss Emily is a perfect fit with Ains!
A quick game of hide and seek before bed! Ains always hides in the last place we hide ;)!

I love this-I hung it up tonight in Ainsley's room-it is a little crooked but I already moved the nail holes 4 times (don't tell Ryan) to get it to hang right! So it is perfectly imperfect!


Angie said...

ainsley is getting so big going on play dates and writing her name :)
Love, love, love your new dresser and the picture!

Angie said...
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