Friday, August 22

You belong

This morning I went with some of my colleagues to new student convocation.  The program had a verse from Ephesians 4 on the cover--that was woven throughout all of the speakers.  In part it says, "I want you to get out there and walk-better yet, run!-on the road God called you to this with humility and discipline-not in fits and starts, but steadily, pouring yourselves out for each other in acts of love."  Such a beautiful message as our Baylor students start their college journey!

So much hope and promise in the arena!  Tonight the students will go to dinner in faculty members homes--I was sitting with three instructors and they each shared about the icebreakers and desserts they had planned for dinner.  I think our students will be off to a great start this year!

One of my favorite messages came from a faculty member who had the students stand up and repeat three statements.  The last statment was "I belong at Baylor University".  He had them say this 3 times and each time get louder.  Such a powerful and important message to convey!

Here's to a great fall semester!

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Brittany Iwaszkiw said...


This is a great message. I am so happy for you that you have found such a great institution to continue living out your passion for developing students. You are an exceptional fit for Baylor--they are so blessed to have you.

Have a great Friday and cheers to a new year!