Tuesday, August 19

Sweet yet strong willed

This morning Ryan was getting his professional photo taken for work so he wore a suit. When Ains saw him this morning all dressed up she said "My Prince"!! She immediately wanted to dance with her daddy. Melted our hearts!
She can be super sweet and other times so stubborn! Tonight I asked her 10 times to pick out 3 books to read! 
We are also working on respect! Ainsley recently got a cookie from a sweet friend of mine and she immediately spit it out and said very loud "I don't like this"!! I was mortified and immediately ate a cookie and complimented it (it was good, just oatmeal raisin). Teaching honesty and respect at the same time is important but tough....it is a work in progress around here!
Our sweet (yet sometime sassy girl) watered our flowers tonight. She kept checking to make sure their roots were getting watered because they were "thirsty"! Never a dull moment!

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