Wednesday, August 27

Fall & Chores

Every year I always decorate for fall before classes begin because fall is my favorite season! Since it has been in the 100s I decided to just put out a couple of decorations! New wreath!
I stocked up on some Bath and Body fall scents!
Entry table!
Dining room!
Fire place!
Can't wait to try out this fall plug in!
I shared Ainsley's chore chart a few weeks ago and had to share an update. I learned my lesson-don't give a 3 year old 12 chores! We filled in all of the spaces on the chart and we all lost track. I had Ains pick out three she wanted to do and I added the 4th since she was staying up until 10 pm and beyond and we all needed sleep. It has worked like a charm-I tell her I'll add the smiley face after she falls asleep.  Lesson learned!

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