Monday, July 28

What did you say??!!??

I bought this Melissa & Doug responsibility chart several months ago and since we are now settled in our new home I thought it was time to share this with Ainsley. I always did chores as a kid and we want Ains to help out around the house and be more responsible for herself. She was SO excited!
I helped her to pick out her chores!
She loves setting the table. We help with the glasses, but she did the rest! Our baby is growing up!
When did she get so tall?!! A woman at children's check in at church Sunday asked if she was in kindergarten because she was so tall!
She is so much fun! 
Tonight in the car Ains kept asking me "what did you say"?? I was practically screaming to talk to her and when I got home I told Ry I was worried she couldn't hear me...well she couldn't! We found her hearing aid batterie on the couch, it fell out this morning!
When we asked her about it she said one wasn't working today, "it's broken" she said. We assured her we fixed it and asked her to tell us next time :)!
Today was my first day at Baylor in Career & Professional Development. Great first day-my office is decorated and my co-workers were super sweet! 
Dinner to celebrate my first day!
And a little shopping for some office decorations-little miss insisted on carrying this bag ALL the way to the car! She's determined!

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