Sunday, July 13


Our weekend can be summed up in two words:  Ryan (rest) & Michelle (unpack)!  Thankfully Ryan's surgery happened close to the weekend, because when we met with the surgeon on Friday he shared that Ryan's surgery was pretty invasive and that he would need a LOT of rest to recover.  This was Ryan Friday morning.  He slept from 7 pm Thursday (day of surgery) to 7 am Friday.  We headed back to Austin first thing in the morning to meet with the surgeon.  I thought Ainsley wrote on Ryan while he was sleeping, but it was the writing from his hospital band that rubbed off.  HA--we both were impressed with Ainsley's writing until we realized the identical writing on the hospital band!
While we were in Austin, little miss had water day at school!  She was SO excited to get ready for school Friday morning! I need to buy bar stools for the counter--Ainsley can't quite reach it!
Friday morning Ainsley brought her daddy her pillow so he would rest--she joined him.  He was only able to rest for a couple of minutes before we hit the road again!
By the time we saw the doctor and went to pick up medicine at the pharmacy it was time for lunch so we ate at a BBQ place just north of Austin.  I was SO thankful Ryan was a little hungry.  He hadn't eaten in almost 36 hours--we was feeling pretty weak.
Friday night Ryan's parents arrived!  Just in time to help us unpack!  Ainsley was SO excited to see them she waited by the window for them to arrive!
Saturday our outdoor furniture was delivered and Ryan's grill so as Larry was putting that together for us Linda and I were unpacking.  Little miss was playing in the bedroom and emerged dressed for the her swimming suit!
Love it!
Saturday night we had a girls night!  Mexican food!
Ainsley approves!
After dinner we took a walk on campus!
We saw the bears!
Ainsley trying to climb!
We did a LOT of unpacking this weekend so we celebrated with a home cooked meal at our new dining room table Sunday night!
We are very thankful today--for Ryan's eye healing a little more every day, the help of family, a new place to call home and our sweet girl.

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