Tuesday, July 1

Vices & Dreams!

This is how I found Ains a few nights ago. She fell asleep with her back pack/doll house! We took it off because we didn't want her to get tangled in it...and yes she still is using her binkie at night. We actually took it away for two nights and it was horrible so just like diet coke is my vice, Ains has a vice too!  We are keeping our fingers crossed that she doesn't need a binkie by the time she is college bound-ha!
Fun with her daddy!
I've been working out inside because it is SO hot, but Ains is always right by my side which makes it tough to workout...so I had a light bulb moment and did this computer/tv combo and it worked perfect!
She still does yoga with me! Love her energy!!
Backpack and two different shoes-oh my!!
Everyday when I pick up Ains from school she runs over and screams "mommy"!! That never gets old! Melts my heart every time!
Tonight I "planted a dream" just like my aunt did for me when we were younger...Aunt Mary Ann would touch our foreheads and say I hope you dream you are having fun at the beach tonight! Just a fun way to send kids to sleep! Tonight I told Ains I was planting a dream for her to visit the bippity boppity boutique and then have dinner with Cinderella just like when we visited Disney in January! She giggled, rolled over and went right to bed! It worked! I'll have to ask her if she remembers this tomorrow morning!
Tonight I finished up a decoration for Ainsley's play room! This is a special star because it was my moms-I switched out the accessories from Christmas to this! It will be a good fit for her playroom and a great reminder of mom!

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