Tuesday, July 15

Getting settled

We've been unpacking and getting settled in our new home the past few days!
Aren't these flowers beautiful? Thankfully the previous owners installed a sprinkler system-so hopefully we can keep them alive!
When it cools off we want to put down some new mulch to freshen up the flower beds-people here keep telling me it cools off in November... (Not kidding-that will be an adjustment)!
Dining room-we are looking forward to having many family dinners here!
Living room-I'm still unpacking all of our decorations :).
Kitchen is all unpacked!

Love these new plates! They were a Wal-Mart deal!
So many cabinets-some are empty!! We are enjoying having Ryan's parents visit this week. We had a movie night last night and watched Non Stop! Have you seen it? Yikes! It was SO suspenseful, but really good! 

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Angie said...

love your new house!! I can't wait to visit!!