Thursday, June 12

Sabbatical Summer!

My family and friends know how important work is to me.  I feel very strongly about the impact student affairs professionals make in college student's lives!  When we made the move to Baylor last month for Ryan's new job I didn't realize the impact of not having a job right away would have on me.  At one point I told Ryan I felt a little lost--like Sandra Bullock in Gravity...he thought that I was a bit extreme (maybe just a little :), but I did feel lost.  Thankfully after a couple of weeks I had a new plan--at church one Sunday the preacher was talking about his up-coming sabbatical.  I googled sabbatical when I got home and I had an "aha" moment!  Most people take a sabbatical (a period of rest to pursue a goal) after working 7 years...I have been working 13 so I am over due!  So cheers to my sabbatical summer!
My goals for this summer are to get our family settled in Texas!  We've had several doctor's appointments for Miss A and LOTS of prep work for closing on our new house in early July!
Another goal--spend LOTS of quality time with this cutie!  I remember when I was working I would cherish every hour that I took off early to spend with her and now we have full days to be together and have fun!  This was A after she finished eating her favorite treat--chocolate peanut butter!
Another goal--spend time with Ryan!  It has been fun meeting him for lunch on campus and helping him settle into his new role at work.  I've also been able to volunteer at orientation and attend a retention retreat last week at Baylor.  I am SO thankful for these opportunities to learn about this new university that we are calling home.
A final goal--finding a GREAT job at the right the meantime I am soaking up every minute of fun with our sweet girl!
I love this!  Never thought we'd move back to (hot) Texas...but God has a plan!  And thankfully it has been fairly "mild" for TX the past few weeks--mid 90s :)!


Frank said...

Great idea and neat opportunity!

Angie said...

yay!! Enjoy this time! I think a very wise person told you it was a good idea.

Angie said...
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