Thursday, June 5

House Pictures!

For my sister who wanted to see more pictures of the house...we had our inspection this morning so I took lots of pictures!!

Roses, a special find on the side of the house!

A built in under the TV that will stay with the house!

They are leaving this for Ains! 
Master bedroom for each of us! And...they have built in dressers!
Front entry way-can't wait to get moved in and start decorating!


Blair Berdusco said...

Gorgeous! I love the solid green color of the wall. The white washed cupboards and cabinets round up the whole look. You did a wonderful job in doing your kitchen, and pretty much the rest of the house. It really goes to show that you have a great eye for beauty. That verdant lawn is just amazing. Thanks for sharing!

Blair Berdusco @ CrebNow

Barry Willson said...

Cool! love to see your gorgeous images.